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    So, you are looking to apply for SweetMC? First off, I want to thank you for taking the time to come and apply for this position! However, there are some prerequisites for you to do so. If you do not meet any of our requirements, you will be instantly denied. If you are here to apply for a rank other than helper, then please message a manager on the server instead. Most of everyone who applies on the server starts off as a helper. Though if we feel that your application and interview deserve a higher rank, we will most likely give you one.


    Staff Rank Requirements:

    You must be 15 years or older.

    There may not be any severe punishments within your history on the server.

    You must have a working microphone and be able to record.

    You must be able to fluently speak and write English.

    You must be able to be active on all server platforms [Discord, In-Game, Forums]

    You must be a member of our discord.

    If these requirements above are not met it will likely result in the denial of the application. Even if the requirements are met, we still may deny your application for things such as being extremely toxic/disrespectful within the community or having a severe punishment in the past. Please note that grammar is a big part of the application and we may deny you if you are not proper. Excepting can be made for the requirements but are done rarely.


    If you do get accepted into the staff team you are expected not to abuse your perks - doing so will instantly result in being stripped of your rank and you will receive a tempban.

    As a Staff Member, you are expected to follow the same rules as everyone else and represent the server well.


    If you are interested in applying for staff on the server, please create an account on our forums. Go to the staff application section of the forums and click "Create Application".

    If you have any questions feel free to make a ticket on our discord or message a staff member here!


    Note: You must wait 2 weeks to re-apply for the helper position on the server. Copying an application will instantly disqualify you from applying for staff on SweetMC. If you are caught lying in your application(s) or interview, you will not only be instantly denied from the staff team, you may face a temporary ban for lying to your interviewer. Talking about your application, saying “I applied, can you check it, etc” will also result in an instant denial.
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