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    Basic Questions
    Minecraft username

    Discord username (Be sure to include your tag, “example#0001”)

    How old are you?
    Ayesha erotica - Sixteen (Lyrics) - YouTube

    What time zone are you in?
    GMT+2 (Romania)

    What would you like us to know about you?

    Do you have any past experience as a staff member?
    Yes, I've been staff on multiple Romanian servers, also owned a few and working at my actual project.

    Server Questions
    How long do you spend on the server each day?
    I don't know. I'm more focused on highschool.

    Why do you want to be a staff member?
    Y not. I'm going YOLO

    What would make you a good staff member? Why should we accept you over other applicants?
    If u will not accept me I'm gonna KICK UR ASS UNTIL YOU GET THROWN INTO THE SUN

    How long have you been playing on SweetMC?

    Have you ever been punished before? (Discord, In-Game, Forums)
    Yes. I've been warned on a discord server for putting a photo with a shirtless man (Reason: Gay Pictures)

    Scenario Questions
    Someone you are close to is reported for hacking, and it appears that all evidence is sufficient. How would you handle this?

    After banning a player, you find your DMs being spammed, asking you to unban them. How might you respond to this?
    Apply on the forum lol noob

    The server crashes, and you’re the only staff member online. Who should you contact first?
    Granpacho cuz he's the only boye I talk with

    Someone files a report - it involves something serious that may cause many issues, but there’s isn't sufficient evidence to go along with it. What could you do in this situation?
    Easy answer. I would be watching that player, every time I am online and record him, so I can prove that he's doing things that he isn't supposed to do.

    As a helper, you are not able to ban other players. You have several reports regarding a hacker, but all other staff members are busy and cannot get online. What could you do?

    Other Questions
    Do you have a working microphone?

    Do you have a way to record videos?

    Do you speak any languages other than English?
    Yes (Romanian and a lil. bit of German)

    Additional Information
    I like eating and crying and roasting people :3
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