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    [Builder Application Format & Information]

    Builder rank is one of our special staff ranks on the SweetMC server. If you have wanted to build on our server and are good at building you have come to the right place! If you meet our requirements might mean your eligible for Builder!


    Builder Requirements:

    13+ Years Of Age

    Working Microphone

    Must have building experience and is decent at building

    If these requirements above are not met it will likely result in the denial of the application. Even if the requirements are met, we still may deny your application for things such as being extremely toxic/disrespectful within the community, or having a severe punishment in the past.



    All perks from the highest rank

    All builder commands

    Access to all ongoing builds.

    /vanish on all servers

    • [Builder] Tag

    You are expected not to abuse your perks - doing so will you instantly result in being stripped of your rank and you will receive a tempban.

    Note: Even though you are staff you are expected to follow the same rules as everyone else and represent the server well.



    Minecraft Username:

    Discord IGN: [Ex Cookiecat#2043]:


    Building Experience (Previous team, server, etc.):

    Why do you want to be a Builder:

    What types of building are you most experienced with? [Ex Medieval, Candy, Town]:

    How much time would you be able to spend per day/week on the server?

    Portfolio or pictures of previous builds (Pictures are required):

    Any Extra Info:

    Note: You must wait 2 weeks to re-apply for the builder position on the server. Copying an application will instantly disqualify you from applying for the Builder rank on SweetMC. If you are caught lying in your application(s), you will be instantly denied. Along with this, talking about your application, (saying “I applied, can you check it, etc") will also result in an instant denial.
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