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  • Denied lolqt (Applicating as most people know me by) Staff Applicaton (whenever i type Application i always almost type my old ign xD)

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    Minecraft username: lolqt

    Discord username (Be sure to include your tag, “example#0001”): lol xd#1000

    How old are you?: Turned 13 today :)

    What time zone are you in? CST (central)

    What would you like us to know about you?: i am a very humble person and helpful, i like helping people alot and i play minecraft way to much. and it is my favorite game so far because of all the amazing people i have met while playing it.

    Do you have any past experience as a staff member ? Yes, i have been a staff member on alot of survival/practice/hcf servers. I have learned how to punish cheaters and mute chat offenders (basic stuff) the highest rank i ever got to was owner, the server i got owner on i was apart of for over 6 years (playing of and on because of school)

    Server Questions

    How long do you spend on the server each day? I plan to spend as much time as i can, when im not doing school work, eating, working, or sleeping, i will be online. :)

    Why do you want to be a staff member? Because, as i mentioned in above, i am really good at catching rule breakers and muting chat offenders, (basic stuff) i did learn stuff about anticheats and know how to identify most cheats, and how to identify logs. I like helping people and playing the server alot.

    What would make you a good staff member? Why should we accept you over other applicants? : I know most anticheats, and how to identify logs, as i mentioned above. I know most cheats in the game, and how to identify them. I would need to learn the ban/mute lengths but other than that i know how to punish cheaters/ chat offenders.

    How long have you been playing on SweetMC? : I would say almost a month (rough estimate, dont remember the exact date.)

    Have you ever been punished before? (Discord, In-Game, Forums) : No, never.

    Scenario Questions

    Someone you are close to is reported for hacking, and it appears that all evidence is sufficient. How would you handle this? : i will asking them to provide more evidence or i will spectate the player inside the game to see if i can see them hacking, if they do not provide evidence, and if i dont see them cheating in game, i will dispute the report, they are always welcome to private messageme if they have sufficient evidence.

    After banning a player, you find your DMs being spammed, asking you to unban them. How might you respond to this?: i will kindly ask them to stop, and if they dont i will block them.

    The server crashes, and you’re the only staff member online. Who should you contact first? : Defiantly the Owner or a Moderator if they are online.

    Someone files a report - it involves something serious that may cause many issues, but there’s isn't sufficient evidence to go along with it. What could you do in this situation? : i would asking them to provide more evidence, or i would dispute the report, as i mentioned above, they are always welcome to private message me if they have sufficient evidence

    As a helper, you are not able to ban other players. You have several reports regarding a hacker, but all other staff members are busy and cannot get online. What could you do?, i would message a staff member that was online, and or was not busy and politely ask them to come online and deal with it.

    Other Questions

    Do you have a working microphone? : Yes

    Do you have a way to record videos? Yes

    Do you speak any languages other than English? i speak a little spanish, not fluent though.

    Additional Information : I try to maintaine my aim by playing osu, kovacks, and tfue.io. so most of the time when im not on sweetmc im practicing my aim or doing the stuff i listed above ^
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