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    1. granpacho

      Announcement Welcome to SweetMC

      Welcome to SweetMC Welcome to the SweetMC forum. SweetMC is a 1.8 - 1.14 Minecraft server that is always trying to make our server the best that it can be so everyone has a fun experience. SweetMC has three main gamemodes Skyblock, Factions, Prisons. SweetMC is free to join. One of our unique...
    2. granpacho

      new mouse pad

    3. granpacho

      Denied Applicating Staff Application

      Denied. To young to be staff. Please wait 2 weeks to re-apply. Locked.
    4. granpacho


    5. granpacho

      Denied Glozero Staff for prez

      Denied. Locked.
    6. granpacho

      My Discord: granpacho#8254

      My Discord: granpacho#8254
    7. granpacho

      Accepted ItsJelly | Staff Application

      Pending For Interview. Locked.
    8. granpacho

      Closed 2 Bugs

      Fixed the discord link!
    9. granpacho

      Closed 2 Bugs

      We will fix the discord link!
    10. granpacho

      Closed 2 Bugs

      Hmm... When we try to register an account we see the captcha.
    11. granpacho

      Closed 2 Bugs

      Thanks so much! We will look into these!
    12. granpacho

      Accepted itstrappo's ban appeal #2

      Accepted. Ban reduced to 2 weeks.
    13. granpacho

      Denied ItsTrappo's Ban Appeal

      Ok listen, First, you do not spam staff dm's to "unban" or "look at my appeal". Second, you were in a call with us and you admitted to hacking and you did not handle the situation maturely, you said "I literally think this is a joke; Cuz this is a joke", "You think I can be unbanned now?" You...
    14. granpacho

      Accepted itstrappo staff app

      Accepted. Denied.
    15. granpacho

      Accepted AwesomeGamin200's Staff Application

      Accepted. Locked.
    16. granpacho

      Accepted Staff Application

      Pending for interview. Locked.
    17. granpacho

      Accepted Reckzosaurus's Staff Application

      Accepted During Interview.
    18. granpacho

      Accepted Reckzosaurus's Staff Application

      Pending for Interview. Locked.
    19. granpacho

      Zander44 Introduction

      Hey! Welcome to the SweetMC forums!