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    Hello everyone!

    If you are on the discord you have probably seen we have been updating the discord for the past while, we added some new channels and changed the categories. We have also added a new custom discord bot @SweetMC#0737. We will be using this bot for the discord, for now, we have added a new ticket system (#support-tickets), a new leveling system, and a bunch of other things! To check them out do -help in #bot-commands. We are doing a new giveaway in #giveaway, it requires you to have at least three invites to this discord to enter. We are doing this so we have more people join the discord while giving you discord nitro. We will be opening up factions and skyblock recruitment channels soon.

    The server is getting closer and closer to release every day and once we get a week and a bit away from beta or full release we will start releasing sneak peeks. We are expecting the server to be done in a little over a month it might be sooner depending on some things THIS IS NOT A RELEASE DATE, JUST A GUESS if all goes to plan we will announce beta and tell you a bunch of other things as well. Like I said above skyblock and factions recruitment channels will be opened soon.

    We are still looking for staff so if you want to apply go to the applications section of the forums and apply for either staff, builder, or a YouTuber rank. If you apply please do not ask to look at your application or ask to accept it, if you do it will be automatically denied. If you do get denied you will have to wait 2 weeks to re-apply. If you apply for staff or builder after your application gets accepted you will be selected for an interview at a later time.

    If you have any questions please feel free to create a ticket!

    - SweetMC Management

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