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  • Skyblock Beta, Changes, and more!

    | Skyblock Beta

    Hey everyone! It's been a while, but I have good news! We have released Skyblock for Beta! We have spent months working on the server for all of you guys, and now it's complete! Were are doing a short beta just so we can get all the bugs we haven't found on the server. We have changed the discord to look better and got our bot updated as well! We also changed the forums and posted all the rules there.

    We are currently looking for staff if anyone wants to join the staff team and be a part of a great server. If you want to apply go to our forums!

    All the information about beta is below! Hope to see you all soon!

    | Information
    Date: July 23th @ 2PM EST
    Length: 7 Days

    | Features
    Custom Economy
    Unique Island Leveling
    Custom Enchants
    Weekly Updates
    Server Store, Blackmarket, and more!

    | Beta Rewards

    If you join the server for 15 minutes during beta, you will get the Beta Bundle on release!

    Website: https://sweetmc.net/
    IP: play.sweetmc.net
    Store: https://store.sweetmc.net/
    Discord: https://sweetmc.net/discord

    Welcome to the SweetMC Forums

    Welcome to the SweetMC Forums

    SweetMC is a 1.17+ Minecraft server that is always trying to make our server the best that it can be so everyone has a fun experience.

    SweetMC is currently coming out with Skyblock. SweetMC is free to join. We always try to come out with fun and unique features for our server! If you want to see them come check them out.

    We do have some special features that can get by purchasing on our store at https://store.sweetmc.net. Purchasing helps the server out by contributing to development and server hosting costs!

    On SweetMC you can vote to earn crate keys to use in the crate area where you can get any sort of items ranging from diamond blocks to a rank!

    - SweetMC Management

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